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Most fat loss lasers rely on freezing or burning fat cells, causing them to die.  However, Zerona uses low-level laser treatment technology that emulsifies, or liquefies the fat.  These treatments do not harm fat cells like other treatments typically do, which is healthier for your body.

Enlarged subcutaneous fat regions cause problematic section of body fat, which are created by large fat cells.  When fat cells are enlarged, they don not produce enough of a hormone called adiponectin, and the liver becomes less efficient, muscles cannot use glucose for energy and more fat gets stored.  There is also an increase in blood pressure.  Enlarged fat cells can send our entire body into dysfunction, however, they are good when they are lean and healthy.  Zerona treatments reset your fat cells and help you drop inches.


Zerona's technology creates a small hole in the membrane of the fat cell which allows the fatty material to seep out and be carried away thru your lymphatic system.  As fatty material is evacuated, fat cell shrink, allowing fat loss from the treated area.  Most people think of their fat cells as the enemy.  the common belief is that fat cells accumulate volume to form saddlebags, love handles and muffin-tops which rob us of our youthfulness and self-confidence.  However, our fat cells are complex and dynamic entities that affect an astounding number of bodily function.  They support the processes that keep us lean and help us regulate our metabolism and immune systems!  They also assist the liver in processing or removing fat and toxins and assist our muscles in keeping our blood sugar down.

It is time to stop seeing your fat as the enemy and treat it as an organ.  With the importance of fat cells in our body;s day-to-day functioning, cutting out or killing fat cells is certainly not the answer!  Once your fat cells have been emptied they begin to act and function like healthy, lean fat cells again.

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