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How Many Inches Will I lose?

Our Clients have lost an average of 4 to an amazing 20 inches  with 40 minute sessions.  However, individual results vary based on a number of factors.

Why Should I Care if I Kill Fat Cells?

Many people think of their fat cells as the enemy.  the common belief is that fat cells accumulate volume to form saddlebags, love handles and muffin-tops which is turn will rob us of our youthfulness and self-confidence.  However, our fat cells are complex and dynamic entities that affect an astounding number of bodily functions, supports the processes that keep us lean and help us regulate our metabolism and immune systems.

Is Zerona for me?

Zerona is great for anyone looking to lose inches, man or woman.  However, the Zerona treatment is most effective on patients who are in generally good health and committed to the process.  We tailor make each program and assign a treatment plan to help you reach your goal.

How Long Will Results Last for Zerona?

Since the Zerona laser helps you lose actual fat and not water wight, results are long-lasting provided you stick to a healthy eating plan after your treatments.

What Is the Treatment Process?

Once you arrive for your consultation we will learn more about you and your health habits, goals and expectations.  Then we will tailor a treatment plan to meet your needs and goals.  The number of treatments you can expect in your treatment package will vary based on your individual needs and goals.  Your treatments may also be combined with supplements and nutritional counseling to make the most of your results.  Since the lasers open a pore in the fat cell and the fat is flushed out through your lymphatic system, the healthier your lifestyle during treatment, the more drastic your results will be. Once you decide on a treatment plan, you will return for each of your 40 minute treatments.

When Can I See Results?

This will depend on the patient and their body type and how quickly their body is able to process the fat.  with some patients, results using Zerona will be seen after a few treatments and other will see results toward the end of the treatment cycle as their body will take more time to process the fat.

What Happens During A Treatment

When you come in for your treatment, your provider will take your measurements and write them down as a benchmark before you begin the process of losing fat.  You will refer back these benchmark measurements after you finish your treatments to see how many overall inches you lose.  You may then take "before"photos if you would like to see your results side by side once you are done.

You will lie down on a table underneath the Zerona laser in your undergarments allowing the laser to directly penetrate your fat cells and we will place each of the six lasers 3-6 inches away from your skin.  the low level lasers will be turned on and your treatment will begin.  You should not expect to feel anything while the laser opens a tiny pore in your fat cells.  Most people will read, catch upon emails or even take a nap.

20 minutes later, the lasers will turn off and we will come back into the room and prompt you to flip and lay on your other side.  The treatment will then begin again and after 20 additional minutes, you will be ready to walk out of the office and get back to your normal day-to-day activities knowing that your fat loss journey has begun!

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